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AC06 Address1/Address2 Swap The value passed to SetAddress could not be verified, but SetAddress2 was used for verification. S didnt truncate anything. 2nd 0 Regarding the city, state, ZIP, and ZIP+4, there is no significant difference between the input data and the data that was assigned. When you get to the uninstall screen please make sure the previous versions of CASS are selected (Screenshot below). A street name like MAIN ST N was standardized to MAIN ST. weblink

When looking up the record's city and state in the City directory, ACE finds two or more matching cities in the state. CASS_AddressRange: Parses out the House number to its own field. Warning number 11.4: Suffix dropped. Error number 4.1: Address not found.

Cass Return Codes

If the error does not dissapear it may be because some of the extracted files from previous CASS versions haveremained on the machine. A Result code for a coded address record might look something like this: “AC03, AC11, AS01, AS15.” Instead of looking at multiple fields to determine the status or error of a Code Level D Demo Mode E Expired Database S The address was standardized but not coded. P1 Input Address Missing PO, RR, or HC Box number.

AE02 Unknown Street Error An exact street name match could not be found and phonetically matching the street name resulted in either no matches or matches to more than one CASS Error Code Summary Error Code Cass Description Summary Sample E101 Last line is bad or missing There was no City, State and Zip input to standardize. Last Line is a single field checkbox. Accuzip Error Codes If you are unsure who this is please emailSupportand they can connect you to with them.

Returns a 1-character value status code which indicates the level of coding that was performed on the input address. The codes and descriptions come straight from the USPS and honestly could use a more verbose description in some cases. AS16 Address is vacant Address has been unoccupied for 90 days or more. AC03 City Change The city name was added or corrected based on the ZIP Code.

Mail can be undeliverable for any of these reasons: Dog on the premises or an immediate threat to a mail carrier. Accuzip Ncoa Codes I hope you found this informative. There are multiple records in the ZIP+4 database at one address that match the company and address in the input record. Louis, MO Tampa, FL Toronto, ON Twin Cities, MN Vancouver, BC Washington, DC Europe, Middle East, Africa Amsterdam, NL Copenhagen, DK Dublin, IRL Helsinki, FI Istanbul, TR Leeds, UK London, UK

Cass Error And Warning Codes

Warning number 11.0: Address component chg/del/add. Error number 7.1: Time ran out. Cass Return Codes Mismatched between registry entries or install folders. Dpv Error Codes Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Note: An address record must have a CASS_Results value of AS01 or AS02 in order to be considered a good record. For example, if a street has an address record for houses numbered from 100 to 500, and another record for houses numbered from 300 to 600, then the address 400 is It can contain either a suite or a different, secondary address such as a PO Box If the CASS utility detects a common suite name such as #, APT, STE, and warning number 6.1, but a correct 5-digit ZIP was added to the record to improve delivery. Ncoa Error Codes

CASS_LACSLinkIndicator: If the submitted address was found in the LACSLink database and changed to the new address, this function will return a “Y,” otherwise it will return an “N.” An “S” AS15 Y Suite Appended by AddressPlus A suite was appended by AddressPlus using the address and last name. In her 11 year tenure with Alteryx, Tara has been the primary contributor of product icons, help documentation, samples, and for many of the product apps and macros. check over here Usually if an error code is returned, AS02 will be returned instead of AS01.

Just specify the file location path to save the SOA Report to. Accuzip Dpv Codes For example, ACE assigns E427 when the record has "Elm" or "Elm North," but the directory lists only "Elm East" and "Elm West." David Debtor, 123 N Main Street Apt 4 The input address was formatted in accordance to CASS standards, DMM A950.

Error Result Codes AE** result codes indicate there is something wrong with the address.

Warning number 11.3: Pre-direction added. Code Description AA Input Address Matched to the ZIP + 4 file. David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, UnsureTown PA 50000 E302 No primary address line parsed There was no street address line input for standardization David Debtor, Apt 4, PATown PA Ncoa Move Type Codes Code Description A LACS Record Match - The input record matched to a record in the master file.

In 12-digit POSTNet barcodes, the ZIP Code is used for positions 1 to 5, the Plus4 code for positions 6 to 9, the delivery point code for positions 10 and 11, This warning indicates that at least one component of the input address was changed, deleted, or added. AC09 Urbanization Change The Urbanization was changed. this content F=Firm, S=Street) CASS_CarrierRoute:The Carrier Route is a 4-character string appended to the file.

AC07 Address1/Company Swap A company name was detected in address line 1 and moved to the GetCompany function. David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, E212 No city and bad ZIP The record doesn't include a recognizable city name, so look-up in the City directory is impossible. Ken_Black on: Totally Transpose... The input record state is not a valid two-character abbreviation, but AccuzIP6 could determine a valid state from the input record’s city name.

Check AE08 and AE09 for full deliverability. Generated Fri, 18 Nov 2016 20:34:25 GMT by s_fl369 (squid/3.5.20) Warning number 14.4: Route changed. CASS_Suite: Sets the suite name and number associated with the input address.

If suite numbers exist in the address range, this field will indicate the proper suite name for addresses in that range. Travel Obstructions such as road construction. Errors in groups 8 to 14 are called warnings because they are not serious enough to prevent AccuZIP6 form finding a ZIP+4 code. The address is listed in the ZIP4 directory, but the record is tagged as undeliverable by the USPS.

In addition to an updated address, CASS software can also return descriptive information about the address. How to download CASS: Reach out to your Sales Account Executive at Alteryx. The CASS library is a separate data install that is only available with the Alteryx Spatial offering. CASS_State: Returns the two-letter state abbreviation associated with the input address.