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Cass Error And Warning Codes


Click Apply to have the configurations accepted. AC10 Street Name Change The street name was changed due to a spelling correction. By CASS certifying address files, the user can receive substantial bulk mailing discounts from the US Postal Service by submitting a CASS Report. Usually it indicates that no potential match meets the minimum confidence level, or that there is an unresolved tie between two or more potential matches. weblink

AC09 Urbanization Change The Urbanization was changed. While the first invoice date is yet to come, the reality is that Full Service invoicing has already started. Also occurs when an alternate street name is used in place of an alias. The USPS has a list of acceptable pre-qualifiers listed here.

Cass Error Codes

The report is automatically generated when the workflow runs. The Office of Management and Budget defines the Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) for regions that contain a population of more than one million. The ZIP+4 database is ambiguous, because more than one ZIP+4 database record matches the input address.

A unit such as an apartment of suite was specified in the input record, and the ZIP+4 database indicates units exist at the address, but there is insufficient detail in the Note: Melissa Data returns the dominant county for the 5-digit ZIP Code. Related Topics Send comments on this topic to the Alteryx Community. Accuzip Error Codes A street name like MAIN STREET was standardized to MAIN ST.

CASS_PostDirection: Returns any geographic directional (2-character maximum) that follows the street name. Cass Return Codes CASS_ZIPType: Returns a string value representing the ZIP Code type associated with the submitted address. Error number 6.2: Multiple addresses match. More than one record matches the address and there is not enough information available in the input address to break the tie between multiple records.

CASS_DeliveryPointCode:The Delivery Point Code is a 2-character string value that makes up the 10th and 11th positions of a 12-digit POSTNet barcode. Accuzip Ncoa Codes Your cache administrator is webmaster. David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, PA 50000 E213 Bad city and no ZIP The record includes something that might be a city name, but no match for it can The input record state is not a valid two-character abbreviation, but AccuzIP6 could determine a valid state from the input record’s city name.

Cass Return Codes

Code Level M A suite number is required for the given street address but is missing from the submitted record. If it is not set, the address checking logic will still be able to code some records, but it may produce more multiple matches than usual for Puerto Rican addresses. Cass Error Codes F1 Address Was Coded to a Military Address G1 Address Was Coded to a General Delivery Address U1 Address Was Coded to a Unique ZIP Code. Dpv Error Codes For example, if the database lists only and E MAIN ST and a W MAIN ST, then the input MAIN ST causes multiple matches.

AS03 Non-USPS Address The input represents a real physical address but it is not in the USPS database. have a peek at these guys warning number 6.1, but a correct 5-digit ZIP was added to the record to improve delivery. A Result code for a coded address record might look something like this: “AC03, AC11, AS01, AS15.” Instead of looking at multiple fields to determine the status or error of a Warning number 15.2: High-rise Exact. Ncoa Error Codes

Please try the request again. Currently there are close to 50 possible result codes. AE15 Demo Mode Demo mode only validates Nevada addresses. check over here It also appends valuable address-specific information to the data.

The record includes a valid state. Accuzip Dpv Codes The site is also mobile responsive enabling an optimal experience on tablets and smartphones. It can contain either a suite or a different, secondary address such as a PO Box If the CASS utility detects a common suite name such as #, APT, STE, and

If it contains a ZIP Code, no match for it can be found in the ZCF directory.

Here’s an overview of what has been proposed. There are multiple records in the ZIP+4 database at one address that match the company and address in the input record. Warning number 11.13: Alternate address used. Usps Error Codes Warning number 14.6: Route Added.

Warning number 14.2: ZIP changed. Output Fields The CASS tool can produce any or all of the following outputs (US defaults in green). AccuZIP6 was able to match the input address in the ZIP+4 database that included a company name, but the input company name and the database company name only matched phonetically, not this content The output fields are described in detail below.U.S.

Error number 7.2: Output too long.